Outsourcing of accounting, payroll and HR administration will make it possible to focus on business development without being distracted by the management of non-core business processes and yet stay fully in compliance

Outsourcing of accounting, payroll and HR administration by Crowe CRS works for you if:

  • You manage a fast-growing business and have limited resources to manage the accounting processes
  • You are committed to full compliance with local laws
  • You are willing to focus on business development without spending time on non-core business processes
  • You are planning to mitigate your company’s financial risks that are due to the accountant’s / HR manager’s errors
  • You are interested in reducing your full-time accountant’s workload
  • You are striving to manage your risks in financially sensitive areas of accounting, e.g. foreign economic activities
  • You are willing to have access to transparent financial information for management decision making
  • You are certain that your accounting department must work for you rather than for the tax authorities

Your benefits from the outsourcing of business / HR accounting and payroll management by Crowe CRS:

  • Possibility of freeing up management time for higher-priority tasks
  • Shift of liability for accounting to an outside contractor
  • Hedging of risks that are due to the accountant’s or HR manager’s error
  • Lower cost of CEO liability insurance
  • Fast identification of potential compliance problems in your transactions
  • Prompt tracking of rapid changes in legislation
  • Possibility of mobilizing resources for non-recurrent tasks on a temporary basis expediently
  • Lower costs
  • Flexibility to keep certain functions inside the company and outsource others
  • Certainty in confidential treatment of your information, including information on employees’ salaries 

Our clients choose Crowe CRS as an accounting and HR administration contractor for the following reasons: 

  • We have developed a reliable control system for business and tax accounting in line with Western management standards
  • Our business practices are based on an in-depth analysis of the Client’s business operations and processes
  • We are financially liable for our employees’ professionalism
  • We can offer accounting and payroll management services and ensure full compliance as a one-stop shop in any country where the client operates and provide access to the best international expertise using the resources of Crowe Global international network. If you want to file a complaint against an accountant in Vietnam, you will be able to do it in Moscow and in the Russian language!
  • We provide immediate access to high-end lawyers in the area of corporate, tax, labour and land law, and to transfer pricing, occupational health and safety, and appraisal experts
  • We have been adopting best practices from the leading global network professionals over the last 25 years in order to offer you the best available solutions

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Alexei Spirikhin
Alexei Spirikhin
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