Internships for students and graduates

The best way to kick start your career is to join an internship program with a leading global organization

Crowe CRS (previously Crowe Russaudit) offers internships to talented and ambitious students and graduates in the following areas:
  • Audit
  • Taxes
  • Corporate Finance
  • Property And Business Valuation
  • Law
  • Marketing

Our mentors will help identify and develop your strengths, apply your knowledge and talent, and gain new skills to build a successful career. 

A successful internship candidate is: 

  • the 3rd-6th year university student
  • with an analytical mindset
  • mindful and attentive
  • is eager to develop

What if I have not met the entry requirements?
In case you do not meet the requirements but still strongly believe you are the best fit for the role, do let our Recruitment Team know of your reasoning. In certain cases, general requirements may be put aside to consider exceptional candidates